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DYC Sewage Pumpout Use
Standard Operating Procedure
15 September 2020

Only trained members will operate the sewage pump-out unit. Contact the Dockmaster if training is required.

Materials Needed:

  1. Preparation
    1. Gain access to the pump storage trailer and the Pumpout room at Dockhouse.
    2. There are 2 clear glass jars on the pump, make sure the one near the handles has oil in it. Extra oil (automatic transmission oil-hydraulic #10) is in storage area. Fill by removing the large black plastic screw and carefully adding oil to the jar to no more than 3/4 full. Make sure the other jar, on the green side of the pump is not more than 1/3 full.
    3. The green hose is for waste removal from your boat.
    4. The yellow hose is for discharging waste into the sewer onshore, and should be stored in the Pumpout room (leave it there).
    5. Close all valves (handles perpendicular to hose/valves)
    6. Roll the pump with green hose attached to your boat. You may have to reposition your boat to allow for hose length.
  2. Pumping
    1. Set the brakes on the small wheels on Pumpout to prevent costly runaways.
    2. Plug pump into electric outlet (might need ext cord).
    3. Install the Green hose in the waste fitting on the boat using the screw-in adapter, if possible, otherwise use the press-in adaptor(this requires a person to hold it there).
    4. Open green valve on pump.
    5. Turn pump switch to ‘autocycle’, to the left.
    6. Wait approximately 1 minute after pump starts to allow vacuum to build up.
    7. Open valve in Green hose on your boat.
    8. When sewage stops flowing, your tank is empty. (If the pump shuts off, the tank may be full. See Full Pumpout Tank Instructions below.)
    9. Turn off the pump.
  3. Flush Your Tank
    1. Add some fresh water to your holding tank and pump out as in step 2 above.
  4. Emptying the Tank
    1. Attach the Yellow hose to the yellow valve on the pump.
    2. Put the other end of the Yellow hose in the Pumpout room drain. Have an assistant hold it there.
    3. Plug pump into outlet in Pumpout room.
    4. Open the yellow valve on the pump.
    5. Turn the pump switch to 'discharge'.
    6. When discharge stops ("empty" light is on), turn off pump switch.
    7. Close the yellow valve on the pump.
  5. Flush The Pump/Hose
    1. Fill the 5 gallon bucket full of water.
    2. Place Green hose in bucket.
    3. Turn on autocycle switch.
    4. Open green valve drawing clean water through the intake hose.
    5. When bucket empty turn switch to off then close Green Valve.
    6. Follow 5.b – 5.g above to discharging water through the discharge hose to flush the hoses/tank.
    7. Follow 4.c above to drain Green hose.
    8. Add 1 cup of bleach to 5 gal of water and repeat step 6.b – 6.g.
  6. Cleanup
    1. Make sure the Pumpout sink is clean.
    2. Store equipment and lock all doors.
      • Yellow hose in Pumpout Room.
      • Bucket in Pumpout Room.
      • Bleach in Pumpout Room.
      • Hose in Pumpout Room.
      • Pump with Green Hose Attached in Trailer.
    3. Report any problems to the Dockmaster.
    4. Wash your hands with soap and water. Discard rubber gloves in dumpster.

Full Pumpout Tank Instructions - It is unlikely to have a full tank, as the new tank is larger than the old one. In the event the pump tank becomes full during pump out, the pump will automatically stop pumping. The tank will need to be emptied at the Dockhouse and then the boat pump out can be resumed. Do the following:

  1. Turn off pump switch and all 3 valves.
  2. Very slowly remove the hose fitting from your boat,to allow waste to drain back into boat.
  3. Carefully move the hose to the dock while keeping Green hose end elevated above tank level and roll whole assembly to pump out area at Dockhouse.
  4. Very carefully follow step 4.d through 5.g above to empty pump out tank.
  5. Disconnect the Yellow hose from the Pump and place end in sink.
  6. Then resume pumping the boat with step 1F.
  1. Empty oil jar on side of tank. Remove oil jar near handles and clean. Refill this jar to 3/4 full and reinstall.
  2. Run pump on discharge mode and verify that oil drips in the sight glass about every 5 seconds. Adjust via screw near fill screw, See manual.
  3. Check level of bleach in bottle and replace if low.

Prior Instructions

This procedure supersedes all previous DYC instructions concerning operation of the this portion of the DYC facilities.