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DYC Centerboard Racing Program - 2022

Race Series

The Centerboard Racing Fleet Monday night racing is divided into three Low Point Series:

The results of all races in the three series count toward the annual High Point Championship that will be calculated at the end of the year.

Races start no earlier than 1700 on the Machodoc Creek. The starting line will be at the end of the Pier or in the middle of the creek by decision of the Race Officer. Race course is provided verbally by Race Officer before the start of each race.

Schedule of Races

Race Schedule and Race Officer Assignments. Each Registered Yacht must sign up for and perform Race Officer Duties.

Race Results

Race Results are located here.

Series Entry

Wind velocity description

The Beaufort Wind Scale provides a visual means to determine wind velocity. DYC does not hold races in Beaufort 6 and above.

For more information or clarification of rules, instructions, procedures, etc., please contact the Race Governor at race committee email.