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DYC Dockhouse Use
Standard Operating Procedure
19 Jan 2017

The DYC Dockhouse building exists for use of the membership and shall be supervised by the Vice Commodore. Any problems or questions should be reported to the Vice Commodore. The following rules apply to use of the DYC building. General requirements pertaining to this and and all other DYC SOP are covered in the Master SOP.


  1. Please ensure that all dockhouse doors are secured when leaving the area unless in "obvious" use by other members.
  2. Do not permit children or non-members the opportunity to learn the combinations.
  3. The telephone in the dockhouse shall be used ONLY for local calls or credit card calls.
  4. Leave inside lights and fans off when locking up.
  5. Any special cleaning may result in a fee assessment.
  6. Leaving a mess will be grounds for the BOG to consider revoking membership.
  7. No alcoholic beverages will be stored in the building.


  1. Please leave the bathrooms as clean as when you entered. Report any problems immediately.
  2. The building drains are located below the sewer line level which requires use of a lift station. If drain problems occur, call 663-8230 to report the problem.
  3. Leave the shower curtain spread out after use to allow it to dry instead of molding.
  4. In winter heat will be turned on with the knobs set to the ink mark.

Locker Room

  1. Ice machine is for all members use. During hot weather the demand for ice frequently exceeds the supply. Be considerate of the other 150+ members and take only what you need. If your needs require more than twenty (20) pounds of ice please obtain it elsewhere.
  2. Keep personal items in rented locker. Any special storage requirements shall be presented to the BOG for approval.

Meeting Room

  1. Keep our meeting room clean.
  2. Refrigerator is primarily for use by the Social Governor, members can store food in it for short periods of time, but should mark it. Any unmarked items will be assumed to belong to the Social Governor. Any food left in storage containers that is molding will be discarded when found by any member. Container will also be discarded or become DYC property.
  3. DYC utensils may be used but shall be cleaned and put away after use. Bring your own eating utensils, plates and napkins.
  4. Microwave shall be cleaned after each use.
  5. If the floor is dirty, there are two vacuums available, use them.
  6. The Meeting Room is located adjacent to the residential area on the base. There will be no loud late night activities that would disturb the neighbors.
  7. Private parties will only be allowed upon approval by the BOG.
  8. Meeting Room will not be available for general membership use during scheduled events.

Prior Instructions

This procedure supersedes all previous DYC instructions concerning operation of the this portion of the DYC facilities.