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Race and Race Officer Schedule

Below are shown the current race schedule and the Race Officers assigned for the race. The Race Officer can conduct the race from a suitable personal boat (capable of performing rescues of capsized boats) or the DYC Boat.

DYC Boat Use

Before planning on using the DYC Boat please verify you are on the authorized operator list. To use the DYC Boat you must be checked out in boat operation and provide a copy of a Boater Safety Card acceptable to Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries. You must carry card when operating the DYC Boat. Leave a photocopy of card in Training Governors box at DYC or email a scan of the card to: race committee email

2024 Centerboard Race Officer Schedule
Date Race No. Series No. Race Officer
1 SPLP 1
2 SPLP 2
3 SPLP 3
4 SPLP 4
5 SPLP 5
6 SPLP 6
7 SULP 1
8 SULP 2
9 SULP 3
10 SULP 4
11 SULP 5
12 SULP 6
13 FLLP 1
14 FLLP 2
15 FLLP 3
16 FLLP 4
17 FLLP 5
18 FLLP 6