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Standard Operating Procedure
8 December 2018

Operator Requirements

Sea Hunt specifics

Sea Hunt setup and launch

  1. Open race locker, and get ' SEA HUNT' orange box (it contains registration, key, flares, and whistle). Also get the radio, lifejackets, and any other gear needed.
  2. Verify there is a throwable cushion aboard in the console locker, if not get one from the race locker.
  3. Back vehicle up to trailer, and hitch up, 2" ball. (1 and 7/8 will work)
  4. Using ladder climb aboard and if using the BIMINI, remove cover, stow in aft starboard locker and open bimini.
    Note - do NOT exceed planing speed with bimini extended.
  5. Open hatch in front of motor. Set battery switch to '1', secure hatch.
  6. Verify engine flush host is connected to flush fitting.
  7. Move to console.
    1. Get key from orange box and insert in ignition.
    2. Install key but not kill switch to avoid starting engine out of water.
    3. Turn key on and verify that you have at least half tank of gas, turn off. Refuel if below 1/2 tank.
    4. Put the orange box in the console locker.
  8. Go to the glove box and get the wrench and stern plug. Get out of boat and install stern plug. Replace wench in glove box. Using tilt switch on STARBOARD side of motor, raise motor enough to clear launch action.
  9. Get rig to launch ramp and unlock chain, see membership card.
  10. Back down ramp such that area below winch is barely dry.
  11. Remove safety chain from bow eye, fasten long bow line to winch post, because the rollers really work. That is, the boat could quickly move backward, and fall off the trailer. Remove the winch line.
  12. Back trailer into water and remove bow line from winch post and launch boat.
  13. Park trailer and pull winch cable 1/3 way out trailer, making sure it goes between the bow rollers.
  14. Relock chain, move boat to floating dock, and get aboard. Pump gas bulb.

Sea Hunt operation

  1. Throttle and shifter operation - There are motor tilt switches on the shifter/throttle. Using switch on shift, lower motor until top is about horizontal. Tilt can be adjusted underway via the switches on shifter.
  2. Install kill switch under the key.
  3. Start the engine by placing throttle in neutral and turning the key to ON, waiting 10 sec, and start. It works just like a modern car, no choke, no fast idle, etc, it is fuel injected.
  4. Verify engine is peeing cooling water.
  5. Allow engine to warm 5 min, and then proceed with mission.
    • NOTE- tow bridle and line in aft starboard locker.
    • Note, idle only until far end of dock!
    • Also, do NOT slow abruptly, as the stern wave will poop you. For the same reason, go very slow in reverse.
    • There is a ladder aboard for rescue operations. Hook ladder on side of boat to use.
    • Do not allow passengers to sit on gunwale or bow while boat is underway.
    • When ferrying to/from anchorage, each person to bring own lifejacket.
    • If a buzzer sounds, immediately shut down the engine, it could be overheated, low oil, or water in the gas.

Sea Hunt haul out and storage

  1. After mission is over, tie up at ramp area, stop engine, raise some, reload boat on trailer.
  2. Pull from ramp and maneuver rig to hose area.
  3. Place hose aboard in port side of boat, forward of canopy post and hook to flush port by disconnecting the black female fitting, and connecting the hose to it.
    • Do NOT allow hose to hang down.
    • *************Flush for 5 minutes, DO NOT run engine while flushing. *******************************
    • Disconnect hose and reconnect flush fitting.
  4. Park rig in space, and get aboard.
    1. Get the stern plug wrench.
    2. Open stern hatch and turn battery switch to off, secure hatch.
    3. Get the orange box and put the key in it.
    4. Retract and cover bimini if used.
    5. Remove stern plug and place plug and wrench in glove box.
  5. Raise tongue jack to allow drainage of boat.
  6. Return orange box and any other items removed, to the race locker and lock up.

Note - when trailering out of the parking lot, remove bimini first.


WINTER(before FIRST hard freeze)

  1. Fill fuel tank with gasoline, add e10 suitable fuel stabilizer, and run engine at least 15 minutes.
  2. Air trailer tires
  3. Tilt motor up/down several times to drain water, leave down
  4. Ensure that all drains are clear
  5. Turn off battery switch
  6. Park such that solar charger gets some sun
  7. Every few years, have a professional remove lower unit, and replace water pump impeller and any needed seals.


SPRING(after LAST hard freeze)

  1. Start motor and warm up
  2. Change engine oil, see manual
  3. Change lower unit lube, see manual
  4. Install new spark plugs
  5. Replace fuel filter
  6. Air trailer tires, lube winch/jack/coupler/hubs

Wiring Diagram

The current Wiring Diagram for the Sea Hunt.